Panagiotarea, the source of Amphipolis coverage


By George Rodakoglou

For greek standards ,the news for the archaeological excavation in Amphipolis are covered in record time .

Anna Panagiotarea has been a major contributor in the instant spread of information that perhaps even political journalists of media would be jealous of. For those keeping a close eye on the Casta hill excavation, the conditions under which reporters and archaelogists work under are fully understandable.

Taking the Sphinx's head discovery for example, it is known that the head was discovered at 17:15 and within 2 hours all media sources had a full report. From careful examination of the digital photos, it is clear that the first photo was taken by an Iphone 4s at 17:35 and followed another, at 18:05, by a professional kanon camera, EOS 5D Mark II.

The Ministry's announcement came at 20:02. During these two hours, we should take into account the scientific approach of the finding, as well as the compilation of the announcent. This is as close to a real-time update as we can get.

From the first moment, Anna Panagiotera, was determined to organise the regional press in Northern Greece and especially of the reportes covering the Amphipolis tomb. Through hell and high water (with most important the lack of internet connection in Mesolakkia), she is managed the communication of all media. From the first day, everyone is informed, with no discrimination, and at the same time. Thanks to her, no one can doubt about the global promotion of Greece.

It is worth noting that as a press agent, Anna Panagiotera, is not resting behind a desk, but every day she is working in mad and stone, wearing tracksuits and sport shoes, with the members of the excavation team 

Volunteered to the task and personal choice of prime minister, Antonis Samaras, she proved so far that she has the ability to steer successfully the Amphipoli scoverage.

She is very fond of archaelogy, trekking carefully and wisely, while also teaching us that in this excavation there are no secrets, but only findings.

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