Themelis for Amphipolis: Unfortunately, the tomb was raided.


The robbers damaged the tomb, stated Archaeology professor, P. Themelis, regarding the new finding in the monument of Amfipoli

"It is apparent that the head was broken and tossed aside in the corner", he stated in a morning channel show. "Unfortunately, the tomb was raided.", he added.

He mentioned that he had already suspected that the tomb was pillaged, after witnessing the broken Sphinx heads, the broken wings, the lack of nods in the iron gates, even in the Caryatids' hands".

He said that the monument is "significant as a structure", but "there is danger to be empty inside", but he appeared optimistic that there will be paintings and murals that would be "important evidence"".

He expressed his skepticism about the broken entry gate by stating that "this marble gate was sealing off the tomb chamber, that is beatifully decorated as well, is broken. Pieces were found and are being restored. But who opened it? Who broke it?"

He noted that many tombs were raided after the entombment since it was known there was treasure inside, but that doesn't shrink the monument's value.

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