New anouncement by the Ministry of Culture on 21/10/2014


The ministry states that on Saturday and Monday the archaeological team have continued their work inside the third chamber, whose dimensions are 4.5x6m and they have reached a (distance) depth of 5.20 meters from the top of the dome.

Today they have made an incision to reach a depth of 0.45 m in front of the entrance to the third chamber. There, they found two parts of the west door leaf. The dimensions of the first part are 0.89x1.49x0.15, while the second part’ s dimensions are 0.89x1.30x0.15.

Furthermore, they have revealed the northern part of the marble threshold, which has a length of 2.15 m, a width of 1.6 meters and a depth of 0.25 m.

It has convex deepenings, which where used for the placement of the metal railings that facilitate the movement of the door leaves. The floor in front of the threshold and behind it, is made of tuff. In the west side of the incision it is damaged and the pieces of tuff have fallen inside the incision.

When a depth of 0.15 meters below the threshold was reached, the marble head of a Sphinx was also uncovered.

It is intact, with the exception of a small damage on the nose. It has a length of 0.60 meters. It is the head of the east Sphinx and it faces the entrance. The Sphinx was curly haired, falling on the left shoulder, while being held together by a thin ribbon and we can still see traces of red color. It is artistically fine. They have also found small parts of the wings.

In the next days, they will continue the support work in order to be able to proceed with the excavations in the third chamber.

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