What lies past the mosaic


At first, the archaelogists revealed the amazing precinct and the Sphinxes. Then everyone the Caryads came to light  and left everyone speechless. Next in line was the beatiful floor mosaic with pyre-haired Persefone. But what comes next?


The interest of the world's archaeologic community is peaked towards Greece and Amfipoli, while everyone waits impatiently for the next grand revelations.

However many in the Ministry of Culture feel that the end of the mystery is near.

It is expected that this weeked the excavation team will enter the third chamber, having beforehand secured the structual integrity of the latest finding, the marvelous floor mosaic, with layers of styrofoam and wood.

No one knows for sure what surprises lie ahead. The tomb could be inches away or the hallway could continue further on.

"We are still on the surface. There can be many speculation. We will have a clear picture after excavating the third chamber", answered Katerina Peristeri in the press conference, when asked about a fourth chamber or a crypt.

Refering to the damage circular area covering the horses in the mosaic, secretary general of the Ministry of Culture Lina Mendoni stated: "We finished sifting the soil Thursday afternoon and we found many pebbles and some parts of the mosaic with the underlying layer.  The largest is 20cm". She added that the restoration process can not begin simultaneously and will take some time. However she appeared optimistic that the mosaic will be restored to a large degree.

She also explained that the depiction of the mosaic, showing the abduction of Persefone, is not uncommon is art pieces of ancient Greece . She reminded that it is a recurring theme in pottery art, but now it is also discovered in pebbed form. The excavation team noted that the mosaic floor in a macedonian tomb is a unique finding.

The finding confirms the initial speculations of Peristeri and her team, that the tomb was constructed in the last quarter of the 4th century b.c.

The last days there was no excavation procedures, since the team was busy revealing the mosaic and searching for any lost pieces.

Now the excavations will continue with great  caution. The archaelogists have to progress inch by inch through the broken gate and even dig by hand to reveal the inner secrets of the tomb.

In front of them lie tons of soil, but this time they dig behind the gate, in a area much likely to host the crypt and the resident of the tomb.

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